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CHMA By-laws


College Hockey Mid-America By-Laws


College Hockey Mid-America (CHMA) is an organization comprised of American Collegiate Hockey Association Division 1 programs. The primary purpose of the CHMA is to promote the growth of structured competitive regional collegiate ice hockey.


A. Membership Requirements:

  1. Annual payment of season membership dues to the Commissioner by September 30th prior to the beginning of each season.
  2. Teams must adhere to all American Collegiate Hockey Association Division 1 standards, policies, and procedures.
  3. Teams must participate in mandatory organizational meetings, provide timely response to requests for information and feedback, and communicate weekly with the CHMA Commissioner. All scores and statistics are to be e-mailed each Sunday evening to the Commissioner.
  4. Teams should adhere to additional minimum recommended guidelines as set forth by the Board of Directors.

B. Membership benefits:

  1. Members shall benefit in the following: A website which includes game schedules, results, general CHMA information, links to individual team websites and the ACHA; a playoff style tournament involving the top performing teams in the CHMA; and players recognized for exceptional performance in the naming of an all-conference team.

C. Suspension of Membership Benefits:

  1. Membership affiliation and benefits may be suspended or withdrawn for non-compliance with any and all CHMA rules or regulations.
  2. To clarify, membership affiliation and benefits may be withdrawn with or without cause in accordance with the supermajority voting requirements and process cited in Article VI. For example, the CHMA may withdraw membership due to dissatisfaction with general on-ice or off-ice demeanor or overall competitiveness of a member team. The CHMA is not limited to these remedies. Any perceived variation from overarching vision or strategy of the CHMA or its individual teams would be a sufficient reason to review (Passed 12/18/11).
  3. Suspension of benefits may include, but are not limited to the removal of team participation from league post-season tournament, probationary status for one or more seasons, or forfeiture of games for violation of player eligibility requirements.
  4. All suspensions of benefits for violations shall be decided by the Board of Directors of the CHMA. Each team in the CHMA will have one vote on the Board.
  5. All suspension of benefits may be appealed in writing within 7 days to the CHMA commissioner who shall present any new information to the other member teams and a decision shall be rendered within 5 days. All appeals decisions will be final.

D. Membership Restrictions:

  1. Only teams affiliated with the ACHA Division 1 shall be eligible.
  2. Teams will only be considered for admission to the league if they are within 3 hours in driving distance of downtown Pittsburgh and no more than 4 hours in driving distance from the farthest league team.
  3. Any team submitting a proposal to join College Hockey Mid-America must do so in writing to the office of the commissioner prior to the pre-season meeting generally held in August.  The application will be considered for the full season of play that starts during the next calendar year. (Passed 2/23/08)
  4. This deadline may be waived for any individual team petitioning for membership if the current CHMA membership votes via a 75% supermajority to allow for the exception for that particular team at that specific point in time (Passed 12/18/11).
  5. Any new league member joining College Hockey Mid-America is required to pay a $3,000 fee.  $1,000 shall be absorbed into the league budget.  The remaining $2,000 will serve as a deposit and will be applied to the new league member’s annual league fees in its 2nd and subsequent seasons until this fund is depleted.  This deposit will be forfeited should the new league member leave College Hockey Mid-America and resurface in a different ACHA Division I league or as an independent ACHA Division I team within a 12 month period.  This policy applies to any team that may be fielded by the same academic institution.  Should the team fold or move to a lower division, then the deposit amount will be returned to the respective academic institution. (Passed 2/23/08)

E. Membership Operations Standards:

  1. Any CHMA team which fails to honor a confirmed scheduling commitment except under an act of God shall have membership benefits suspended immediately and declared ineligible for the league championship. Compensation shall be rendered to the relevant team for travel expense and/or ice and referee costs.
  2. Any team using an ineligible player in a CHMA game shall forfeit the game in which the player participated. A notice to the ACHA shall be written alerting it of the incident. The team who used the ineligible player may be subject to suspension of membership by the Board of Directors.
  3. Teams will be fined by CHMA as follows for not participating in the ACHA Division 1 rankings: $50 for not voting for 2 ranking periods and an additional $50 for every subsequent missed ranking period. (Passed 7/22/07)

F. Team Uniforms:

  1. All players must wear an HECC approved facemask and helmet, a mouthguard, and other pieces of protective equipment required by the NCAA rulebook.
  2. All teams must have at least two sets of jerseys, a home and an away. Both sets shall consist of large permanent numbers on the backside of the jersey.



A. General Player Eligibility:

  1. All players must meet ACHA requirements. Any annual rule changes by the ACHA Division 1 shall be adopted accordingly by the CHMA.
  2. Any player or coach whom was suspended from the ACHA, USA Hockey, or from any other sanctioned hockey league may not be eligible according to the terms of the suspension. Any player or coach put on probation may receive amnesty from the CHMA and shall be allowed to participate with all benefits.

B. Academic Requirements:

1. The CHMA shall use the same academic requirements established by the ACHA Division 1. Any annual rule changes by the ACHA shall be adopted accordingly by the CHMA Board of Directors.
2. As a requirement of membership, each team must submit the fall and spring semester academic certification forms to the league office. A modified ACHA academic certification form and signature sheet will be provided each semester by the CHMA league office. (Passed 2/27/10)

C. Rules of Play:

  1. The CHMA will use the rules of play specified in the NCAA Rule Book unless specified otherwise in the ACHA Division 1 Policies and Procedures.
  2. Teams shall be permitted to have the option of dressing a maximum of 18 skaters and 3 goaltenders or 19 skaters and 2 goaltenders. Failure to dress at least 2 goaltenders shall result in a forfeit as dictated by ACHA Division 1 rules.
  3. All league contests will consist of three twenty-minute periods. One five-minute overtime will be played during league contests, unless the game is curfewed due to a shortage of time. In that case, the game will be considered to be a draw.
  4. A minimum of 2 ½ hours of ice time shall be slotted for each league contest to avoid curfewed results.
  5. At least two resurfacings of the ice surface shall be completed during a normal three period game. The home team shall have the discretion as to how many resurfaces of the ice and when they occur.
  6. All league games shall use a three man referee system consisting of one referee and two linesmen.
  7. Disqualification (DQ) procedures will adhere to the procedures recognized by the ACHA. No special situations shall be taken into consideration regarding the disqualification of a player or coach.
  8. A point system will be followed when determining seeding for the CHMA Playoff Tournament. (Amended 2/27/11)
    1. Wins in a league game are worth 2 points
    2. Overtime Losses in league games are worth 1 point
    3. Shootout Losses in league games are worth 1 point
    4. Regulation Losses in league games are worth 0 points



A. Number of Games:

  1. Each team will play the other member teams in the CHMA twice.
  2. Any additional games that are played between the league teams will count neither towards league play nor as a post-season tiebreaker.
  3. In Case of a tie at the end of the regular season, the tie breakers are as follows:
    1. Most league wins
    2. Most league non-shootout wins
    . Head to head win/loss record (total league points in head-to-head games)
    4. Head to head goals for/goals against differential in league games
    5. Goals for/ goals against differential in CHMA regular season games
    6. Team with less non-extenuating forfeits
    7. Team failing to vote in fewer ACHA Division 1 ranking periods
    8. Team not owing any league dues or dues to officials
    9. Coin flip
    10. Note: In the event of a multiple-team tie-breaker, if one team owns a head-to-head win/loss tie-breaker advantage over all other teams involved, then it will advance.  If a team has a head-to-head win/loss disadvantage over all other teams involved, then it will be eliminated.  Tie-breaker criteria starts over if a team is eliminated from a multiple-team tie-breaker scenario.

V. Post Season Tournament

A. Sites:

The CHMA Play-offs shall be hosted by bid. Bids must be in by March 15th prior to the start of the season. The playoffs shall be played at alternating sites from season to season.

B. Tournament Format:

The CHMA championship will be played the weekend before the ACHA Division 1 National Tournament.

Seedings will be determined based on the number of CHMA teams.

The following format must be followed with six teams:

  • Game One: Seed #3 vs. Seed #6
  • Game Two: Seed #4 vs. Seed #5
  • Game Three: Seed #1 vs. Lowest Remaining Seed
  • Game Four: Seed #2 vs. Second Lowest Remaining Seed
  • Game Five: Winner of Game Three vs. Winner of Game Four

There will be no consolation games.

C. Modification Due to Team Suspension:

In the event that a team is suspended from participating in the CHMA Play-offs, then every attempt will be made to include the next best seeded team. The playoff teams will then be re-seeded on the basis of regular season finish. In the event that a substitution is not possible, then the highest seeded team(s) will have a bye (Passed 12/18/11).

D. Tournament Player Eligibility:

  1. Only rostered players as of February 15th shall be eligible to participate in the CHMA tournament.
  2. Any team challenging the eligibility of any player shall do so in writing to the CHMA Commissioner.
  3. Any team using an ineligible player in the tournament shall forfeit the games in which the ineligible player participated based on the ACHA Rules and be subject to suspension of membership by the Board of Directors.
  4. Decisions by the Board of Directors may be appealed following the aforementioned process.

E. Officiating System:

1.  Only officials appearing on a list authorized by the CHMA and WPHOA will be eligible to officiate games scheduled by WPHOA

2.  A referee or linesman for any game involving two CHMA teams must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Cannot be a parent or sibling of any player or coach of a team participating in the contest
  • Cannot be a current player or coach in the ACHA Division 1
  • Cannot currently attend either of the academic institutions represented in the game

3.  The requirements stipulated in sections A and B may be waived by the CHMA Commissioner in the event of exigent circumstances (e.g. sudden illness, transportation related issues)

4.   Any on-ice official who assesses a Game Misconduct or DQ must report it to the CHMA commissioner with 48 hours

5.   Any aggravating circumstances connected to a DQ should be submitted via written report to the CHMA Commissioner within 48 hours.  The Commissioner will then review the matter with the Referee in Chief to determine whether it warrants further review by the Supplemental Discipline committee.

F. Rules of Tournament Play:

  • In the event of a tie after three twenty-minute periods, the following will be the CHMA Overtime Playoff procedure: First overtime will consist of 5 on 5, all subsequent overtimes will be played 4 on 4.  There will be no curfew.(Modified 2/25/12)
  • All teams shall bring both home and away jerseys regardless of tournament seeding.

G. Tournament Recognition:

The CHMA Board of Directors shall determine the “All Tournament Team”.

H. Team Behavior:

It shall be the responsibility of each individual team to ensure the proper care of hotels, restaurants, ice rink facilities, etc. The CHMA Board of Directors shall act strictly upon any incident involving the above.


  1. The Board of Directors shall manage all business and affairs involving the CHMA. It has the authority to establish policies and procedures for the operation and organization of the CHMA. The Board of Directors will consist of one voting member from each team. Any coach or staff member associated with the team can be appointed by the team to sit on the Board.
  2. Members of the Board of Directors shall be appointed annually by the respective member teams. There is no limit to the number of years a member can sit on the Board of Directors.
  3. The Commissioner shall oversee the Board of Directors. The Commissioner only has organizational duties. All major proposals will be voted on by each team collectively as the Board of Directors. Elections for Commissioner will be held at the spring meeting prior to each season.
  4. The Commissioner shall be voted into office by the Board of Directors by majority vote and serve a one-year term. A supermajority vote of 75% or greater is needed to be cast by the Board of Directors to remove a Commissioner from power in the middle of the season.
  5. Decisions to add member teams shall be made by supermajority vote of 75% or greater by the Board of Directors.
  6. Decisions to remove member teams shall be made by supermajority vote of 75% or greater by the Board of Directors.
  7. All other votes not specified with a percentage shall be decided by majority vote.
  8. Each member of the Board of Directors in attendance shall have one vote, except in decisions to remove member teams. In this situation, the member team under consideration for removal shall not be permitted to vote and the supermajority will be based on the number of member teams eligible to vote (Passed 12/18/11).
  9. In any situation in which a team does not have a vote, a forum will be provided for them to be heard (Passed 12/18/11).
  10. Ties will be resolved by the CHMA Commissioner.


  1. Members of the league shall meet no less than twice annually. There shall at minimum be a spring meeting and a fall meeting. At least a seven day notice is required for any meeting. This notice requirement may be waived by the Board of Directors.
  2. The procedures of all meetings shall be governed by Robert’s Rules of Order.
  3. Decisions to add or remove member teams shall be made by supermajority vote of 75% or greater by the Board of Directors. All other decisions shall be made by majority vote. Each member of the Board of Directors in attendance shall have one vote. Ties will be resolved by the CHMA Commissioner.
  4. Where stated that a majority of league members must vote in favor of a decision, a majority of league teams must vote in favor regardless of the number of teams in attendance. Where stated that a supermajority of league members must vote in favor of decision, a supermajority of league teams must vote in favor regardless of the number of teams in attendance.
  5. Each school is required to submit a list of coaches and staff members eligible to serve as Board representatives at league meetings. No one person can represent more than one school during the same season.

Meeting attendance is mandatory for all teams for the 3-4 scheduled meetings per season. Any team not sending a representative will be fined $500 per meeting (Proposal to increase amount of fine passed 12/18/11).



  1. College Hockey Mid-America has the right to instill supplemental discipline to preserve the integrity of the league.
  2. The Commissioner will forward all game reports received from officials and any other pertinent information that may lead to potential supplemental discipline to the Referee in Chief of College Hockey Mid-America.
  3. The Referee in Chief will review and forward all information along with a recommendation to a rotating disciplinary board when he deems it that supplemental discipline is necessary.
  4. The disciplinary board will consist of representatives from three league teams as assigned by the Commissioner on a rotating basis

a) More specifically, the disciplinary board will be assigned on the basis of the next three teams in alphabetical order and will only consist of representatives of teams who are not a party to the issue at hand.

b) Where possible, it will be expected that each team-affiliated disciplinary board member will be a non-coaching/administrative representative.

  1. The disciplinary board will have the authority to approve, deny, or amend the recommendation of the Referee in Chief in whole or in part.
  2. Any party who receives supplemental discipline may appeal the decision to an appeals board in writing within seven days.

a) The appeals board will be assigned by the CHMA Commissioner on the basis of the next three teams in alphabetical order of team name and will only consist of representatives of teams who are not a party to the issue at hand.

b) The appeals board has the right to uphold, rescind, or amend the penalties levied by the disciplinary board in whole or in part.



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